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ABQAR Valley
In Arabic " Wadi Abqar "

  • Arabs in the Pre-Islamic era were characterized by eloquence, virility, generosity and magnanimity, but one of the most distinctive features of the pre-Islamic era was the Arabic language, so almost all Arabs were proficient in Arabic language and rich, and one of the most prolific eras in literature and poetry was the pre-Islamic era, even when the prophet of God and the last of his prophets Muhammad peace be upon him came By a miracle he came with the miracle of the Quran which is a challenge in literature and language so God said in the Holy Qur'an
ABQAR Vally  In Arabic " Wadi Abqar "
In the name of God the most Merciful, the most Compassionate
  • Say, “If all humans and jinn were to come together to produce something similar to this Qur’an, they would not be able to produce the like of it, even if they collaborated with one another.”
True are the words of Almighty God
  • So why was the pre-Islamic era called Uncertain Times ?
  • It was called so because people worshipped idols and were ignorant of the teachings of the prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him
  • But there in Yemen there was a valley called " Wadi Abqar " named after Mountian " Abqar " which located the valley Under It And all of that in relation to the Tribe of Abqar that used to inhabit the mountain.
  • Abqar is A person from the jinn And the chief tribe of poets of the jinn.
  • he went down with his tribe and inhabited this valley after the death of Suleiman the wise peace be upon him.
ABQAR Vally  In Arabic " Wadi Abqar "
  • But you have to pay attention, when you spend one night in this valley, a group of jinn comes to you and pledges with you that he will stay with you this night and teach you poetry and stay with you throughout your life to teach you all kinds of poetry, provided that the person mentions the name of this genie with his Clan
  • But what the jinn used to do is disbelief in God, Glory be to Him, so the jinn also among them are those who believe in God Like " Amr Ibn Gaber " and those who disbelieve in Him Like those Jinn poets.
ABQAR Vally  In Arabic " Wadi Abqar "
There is a famous book by " Abu Zaid Al-Qurashi " called "The Crowd of Arab Poetry" 
It is the first and oldest book in which the compilation of pre-Islamic poetry was put 
The writer of this book mentioned that every poet of the pre-Islamic era had a poet from the jinn 
" Al-Nabigha Al-Dhubyani "

" Imru' al-Qais "

  1. He mentioned that among these poets
  1. " Imru' al-Qais " and his poet from the Jinn " Lavez bin Lahez "
  1. " Al-Nabigha Al-Dhubyani " and his poet from the jinn " Heather bin Maher "
  1. " Antara bin Shaddad " and his poet from the jinn " Gald bin shadow "
  1. " Alkumait bin Zaid " and his poet from the Jinn " Madrak bin Wagham "
  1. " Maymun bin Qais Al-Ashi " and his poet from the jinn " Mishal Al-Sukran bin Jandal "
  1. " Obaid bin Al-Abras " and " Bishr bin Abi Khazem Al-Asadi " and their poet from the jinn "Habid bin Al-Saladam " 

Ibn Sahm
One of the most famous stories that were told about Wadi Abqar is that some people went out on a journey with a guide called " Ibn Sahm " When he lost his way, he looked at the valley and saw a strange man riding an ostrich bare-back with green freckles on his back.
So they were afraid of him and even the camels started to retreat back from fear
Then the man looked at Ibn Sahm and said to him,
O Ibn Sahm, who said this verse of poetry?
And you didn't shed your eyes except to hit me 
with your eyes in the tenths of a heart killed
Ibn Sahm and those with him said : This poetry is for " Imru' al-Qais "
The man said : this is her performer, but I am " Lafez bin Lahez " He said it in a strong and slightly annoying voice.
If it wasn't me, your friend wouldn't have said poetry
Then disappear.

  • In the end, the stories of the Arabs never end, and the place of Wadi Abqar exists until now, if you had the opportunity to go there, would you go and realize it yourself?

وادي عبقر امرؤ القيس


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