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AL Basus War

AL Basus War
  • Between the birth of Jesus Christ peace be upon him and the migration of the master of creation Muhammad peace be upon him more than six hundred years.
  • in these years we can not count what happened in the Arabian Peninsula at all but there are events that took place in that period that history cannot forget
  • And one of these events is Al-Basus war
  • Let's take a look

The lineage of the Bakr and Taghlib tribes

arab's social
  • Before the beginning of our story a long time ago " Wael " had a birth to " Bakr " and " Taghleb
  • And after several decades and after he married Bakr and Taghleb and each of them had offspring and they became cousins
  • Rabia " From the tribe of Taghleb and gave birth to " Odaye " and his Nickname ( Salem) And " Wael " his Nickname (Culipe)
  • " Morra " from the tribe of Bakr and he gave birth to " Hammam " " Jassas " And "Al- Jalila "

Heroes of the story

taghleb and bakr
  • It was a " Culipe " that loves " Al Jalila " very much and " Al Jalilea " was one of the most beautiful women of her time
  • " Jassas " was very reckless and quick to anger
  • " Salem " was a knight who could not make a spare part for him, but he was an alcoholic, and his nickname was " Al-Zeer Salem " and he was so named because he was addicted to sitting with women and talking to them
  • And for Arabs there is a lot of sitting with women without women hating sitting with him he is called a Womani Zeer
  • As for " Hammam" he was also a brave knight and he was one of the closest people to Salem and they were inseparable friends

Who is that AL-Basus?

AL Jalila
  • " Al basus " is Aunt " Jassas " and " AL-Jalila " and she was called Al basus because she was very ominous and miserable for who she met but she was beautiful even when she grew up she was a merchant and she used to get close to the" Yemen's King " with gifts and also she was in a love relationship with the king's minister
  • So she decided to get closer to the " Yemen's King " so she told him about the beauty of the " AL-Jalila " and its splendor and smile until he was fascinated by it before he saw it
  • So the " Yemen's King " ordered to bring her to him to marry her
  • That was basically an insult to the Arabs So they never accepted this marriage for their daughter
  • The rage flared up in the head of Jassas and Culipe
  • So they decided to pretend to agree to this marriage to deceive Albasus that everything is fine

The top of risk for pride and dignity

  • they prepared AL-Jalila in a large procession and with the procession large boxes containing her jewelry, clothes and perfumes
  • But inside the boxes were also four knights: Jassas, Culipe, Salem, " Imru al-Qais bin Aban " the friend of Culipe and Salem.
  • And when the Yemen's King became alone with AL-Jalila the knights got out of the boxes then Culipe killed the Yemen's King and the most important thing is that Culipe killed his minister who was loved AlBasus

The King and the Revenge of Al Basus

culipe kill sarab
  • Culipe became the talk of all Arabs
  • And became the King of the Arabs after killing the Yemen's King and married AL-Jalila
  • But he issued some actions that angered Jassas, including that Culipe used to forbid camels or sheep owned by the people from eating from his pasture
  • So AL-Basus wanted to take her revenge from Culipe so she sent her camel "Al-Sarab" to the pasture of Culipe and when he saw her camel he threw her camel with an arrow and killed it
  • And when she learned about Basus She started urging Jassas to take her revenge because Culipe insulted her and the Bakr tribe with this act
  • So Jassas went behind Culipe and killed him

Start of war

  • As soon as Salem learned about the murder of his brother Culipe
  • Salem started killing everyone he met from the Bakr tribe in revenge for Kulaib
  • And he was the first to kill his nephews and their father Hammam yes his close friend And His sister's husband To start one of the longest wars in Arab history
  • And from here a war broke out that was not extinguished until after forty years between the tribe of Taghlib and the tribe of Bakr And what put down that war was the death of Salem
  • By the way: in order not to be offended by any of these people, that war did not take place because of the camel that Culipe killed, but the war was inevitably coming because of Culipe's policy with his people, which they would not have accepted at all

حرب البسوس الباسوس ابو ليلي المهلهل الزير سالم الجليله جساس بن مره كليب عدي وائل


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