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"Bahaa al-Din Qaraqosh" The Unjust Judge

Bahaa al-Din Qaraqosh Trust Past

  • It is said that "Qaraqosh" was destined to rule between two women and was known for his lack of love for women of black skin, preferably whites coincidentally a woman from the Hijaz black skin and her white slave of Turkish origin entered him.
  • The black Hijazi woman said to him: The maidservant offended manners with her So "Qaraqosh" looked at them and marveled at the beauty of the white Turkish maidservant and said to the Hijazi woman: And God has created a Turkish maidservant for a black maidservant Hijazi? He ordered the detention of the Hijazi woman.
  • So she stayed in this detention for about a month After that period of detention expired, the Hijazi woman came to him and told him that she freed the Turkish maidservant for the sake of God.
  • So Qaraqosh told her that the Turkish maidservant is the one who frees you The situation has changed and you are now her maidservant If she wanted to sell you She had that And if she wanted to free you She was free to do so.
  • The Hijazi woman asked the Turkish maidservant to go to Prince "Bahaa al-Din Qaraqosh" and tell him that she had decided to free her And indeed the Turkish maidservant went and told the prince what the Hijazi woman said And Qaraqosh told her: (May Allah reward you with the best reward) and thus the Hijazi was able to get out of prison.

"Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi"

Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi Trust Past

  • "Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi" was once separated from his guards and Al-Hajjaj was the caliph of the Muslims in Baghdad with a man in the desert and this man was busy with work he was doing so the Al-Hajjaj asked him without that man knowing who was talking to him.
  • What do you think of Al-Hajjaj ? The man answered him without hesitation and without any thought he is an unjust and brutal man.
  • Then the Al-Hajjaj asked him: Why don't you complain to the Caliph "Abd al-Malik bin Marwan" as long as you suffer from his injustice and aggression?
  • The man answered him again without hesitation: He is more unjust than him and more oppressive and what are the moments until the Al-Hajjaj' guard of soldiers and courtiers arrived and he ordered them to take the man with them and on the way that man asked the soldiers who is this who heads you and they answered him that he was the Caliph "Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafi" and the news fell on him like a thunderbolt.
  • The Al-Hajjaj asked him "You haven't told me man who are you?"
  • The man answered him quickly I am a crazy man from the people of that desert and my people kicked me out because I always talk and shake words that I don't understand or know what it means.
  • Al-Hajjaj laughed at his statement and ordered them to release him.

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