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Douth Dhu Tholoban ( Great Groove Holocaust )

Douth Dhu Tholoban

The story of the groove owners
The master of all people, Muhammad bin Abdullah, upon him be the best blessings and peace, was born in a year called The Year Of The Elephant was born in the year 571 AD, that is, 571 years after the birth of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him.
  • This date is generally accepted and does not necessarily have to be one hundred percent correct.

Dhu Nawas

Yusuf Ibn Sharhabil, King of Himyar Trust Past

We will go Najran,

about 40 years before the Year of the Elephant, Yemen was ruled by King

Dhu Nawas Al-Himyari.

(Yusuf Ibn Sharhabil, King of Himyar)

And he was like many kings over the course of time.

He thought of himself as a god

like all those claiming divinity, had a Special Sorcerer.

this magician suggested to the king that he take a boy to teach him magic so that if he dies
The sorcerer keeps the boy in helpfor Dhi Nawwas
The magician tried with many boys from the country, but he failed with all of them.
And one day a person named Al-Thamir and his son Abdullah came to him to teach him magic

The magician was very impressed with Abdullah bin Al-Thamer and his intelligence, and one day Abdullah bin Al-Thamer was going

Back to the Magician's Lessons, he met an old Man who knew how to read and write.

(And this was something rare in that time among the Arabs)

Abdullah bin Al-Thamer ( The-Boy )

The important thing is that he sat with him and heard from him the teachings of Christianity, and he was very impressed by the Christian Religion and the worship of the One God.

And The Boy was taught The Greatest Name Of God, and thus the boy remained with two knowledge unlike some.

The Magician's knowledge and the Monk's knowledge

The Biggest Test

bn thamer
One day there was an animal in the street (it is said that a lion)
The Lion was scaring all the people
So the boy wanted to test the words of the magician and the words of the monk
So he tied a stone with a small rope and mumbled some words of magic and threw the lion with the stone and nothing happened 
Then he repeated the same thing while repeating the words of the monk, so the lion died immediately, so he believed in God and the words of the monk, and the boy became a well-known whip, and he became by the will of God Almighty to heal the sick and treat the blind 
The king's attendant entered upon him while he was blind and asked him to restore his sight.
The young man said to him, Not before you believe in God, and the man believed, so the young Boy made him see again.
With God Willing

Arrogant King

Arrogant duh nawwas

Arrogant duh nawwas

The king asked, "Who made you see me?" He said, "the young man, Abd Allah Ibn al-Thamer."

The king said, "Bring him to me." When the boy came to him, the king knew that he was the magician's disciple. He said to him, "You!

I remained a great magician who said to him, "It was not I who did this, but God, my Lord, who did it."

the king's individual

But I didn't do anything. He said to him, "You are not the god.

my Lord. Vision cannot comprehend Him."

So the king said to him:

Who taught you this? After some torture, the boy acknowledged the monk's whereabouts.

Dhu Nuwas asked the monk To revert from his religion, he refused, so Dhu Nawas sawed his head with a saw, and he did the same after him with his assistant

and after that he told the boy to go back from your religion, but he refused, so he sent soldiers with the boy to A mountain so that they would kill him by throwing him from the top of the mountain.

So the boy called upon his Lord ( God save me from them )

The mountain shook and the soldiers fell, so Abdullah returned to Dhu-Nawas.

He asked him, "Where are my soldiers?" The boy said, "May God protect me from their evil and protect me from them".

So the king ordered other soldiers.

to take him to the sea in a boat and throw him out of the boat

He drowned, so the soldiers seized him, and when they reached a place deep in the sea, the boy called upon his Lord by his Greatest name ( God saved me from them ).

So the boat shook and everyone in it drowned except for the boy, who returned

Once again, the boy (Abdullah bin Al-Thamer) came to the king, Dhu-Nawas, and the king asked him, "Didn't you die?"

Where are the soldiers? The boy said, "May God protect me from their evil and protect me from them"

The Big Deal

abdulla bn thamer

The king decided to gather the people and tie Abdullah to the

tree and Throw him with an arrow in front of people's eyes so that whoever wants to enter into such a religion is considered

It really happened, and whenever he was shot by an arrow, he did not hit him. The boy said, "There is only one way to kill me.".

Dhu Nawas said : how is it? The boy said, "Grab an arrow and aim it at me, while you say

(In the Name of the God of the Boy)

So the king did that, hitting Abdullah bin Al-Thamer's forehead and killing the boy, so the people all shouted

We believe in the Lord of the boy

The Great Canyons

The Great Canyons Trust Past

Here the king ordered the earth to be dug in the shape of a large rectangle and flattened.

And set it on fire And he began to throw into the fire everyone who believed in the Lord of the boy, unless he turned away from this, so he would set him free.

And there was a woman there who had three children, one of whom was a suckling, and the soldiers cast her older children into the burnt offering.

And she was standing with her infant child in her arms crying, when she saw him and her children Burning

She intended to return fearing for her little son, but a miracle happened that he spoke.

the infant and said to his mother (Do not grieve and do not back down, but be steadfast, for you are upon the truth) and she was steadfast and The soldiers threw them into the great ravine, and they were burned with those who believed, except for one man only, and he " Douth Dhu Tholoban "

douth duh tholoban

Salvation and distress

The Negus

Yes, he managed to escape from Crematorium Dhu Nuwas and went to Caesar Of Rome to seek his help.

The Roman Caesar was a Christian

And Dhu Nuwas killed and burned those who converted to Christianity.

The distance between Yemen and the Byzantines is too far

The king of Rome sent Douth Dhu Tholoban to his ally The King Of Abyssinia And order him to send an army to Yemen to kill Dhu Nuwas who killed and burned our brothers The Christians.

So the Negus sent a great army Said to be seventy thousand soldiers To Dhu

Nawas under the leadership of the commander (Ariat), and indeed The commander Ariat was able to defeat the army of Dhu Nawas And taking control of Himyar's kingdom.

So that Dhu Nawas would not be captured or killed by the Ethiopians.

At the hands of an Ethiopian among them And in a great scene The king rode his horse and headed to the sea.

 And he started saying

  • No No No
  • I wish my mother had not given birth to me,
  • And I had not been on the eve of the sword's slashing by the head of Ibn Thamer
  • And he made a sound out of it O Lord, be victorious.
  • For a people who exterminated them with sharp swords
  • I killed them without a crime
  • And that, by my life, the worst sin I've ever committed in my life.

Until the sea swallowed him up and drowned
  • In The End, There Are Two Things

The first is that what is common in this era is that

The Christians in Najran were not that kind, so they used to persecute the Jews and treat them

verbs And They do anything wrong with them

And the second thing

It is that you should know that among the soldiers of Ariat's army who

The Negus send him to Dhu Nuwas There was an Abyssinian soldier named Abraha

Or what is known after that

Abraha Al-Abyssinian or Abraha Al-Ashram


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