From the anecdotes of the Arabs

From the anecdotes of the Arabs
anecdotes of the Arabs

Judge Iyas Bin Mu'awiyah

Judge Iyas Bin Mu'awiyah

  • It is narrated that one day a man came to "Iyas Bin Mu'awiyah" and asked him,
  • "Will you beat me if I eat dates?"
  • "Iyas Bin Mu'awiyah" replied: No,
  • And the man asked him again, "Will you beat me if I drink a pot of water?" and Iyas said, "No,"
  • And the man said, smiling in malice, thinking that he had overcome "Iyas Bin Mu'awiyah": So why is date wine Haraam because it is a mixture between them?
  • Iyas said, "If I throw you into the dust, will you suffer?" The man said, "No,"
  • And Iyas said, "If I pour a pot of water on you, will one of your organs break?" The man said,
  • "No," Iyas said, "What if you make bricks out of water and dirt and let it dry in the sun and hit your head with it?" The man said to him, "The head is broken,"
  • And Iyas said, "That is like this."

The story of the woman and the judge

The story of the woman and the judge

  • One day a woman went to a council met by some small traders, so she asked one of the merchants for a service for 20 dinars, and the merchant asked her about the service she requested, and she told him that she was married, but 10 years ago her husband traveled, but he never returned until today and no news arrived from him, so she wants to divorce so that she can live her freedom like the rest of the women, and the woman asked the merchant to go with her to the judge as her husband and divorce her there in front of him, He agreed to go with her.

  • They went together to the judge and the woman told the judge that this man is her husband who left her and was absent from her for 10 years and now he wants to divorce her, so the judge asked the man if he is her husband and he answered yes and that he wants to divorce her
  • The judge ruled on the man to divorce his wife and he divorced her, so the woman hurried to say that this man did not spend on her for 10 years and that she wants to get alimony for divorce in addition to alimony for 10 years, so the judge asked the man why he left his wife for so long?
  • Then the man felt the problem that he fell into, and thought to himself that if he denied that he was her husband, he would be imprisoned and flogged, so the judge immediately replied that he was unable to send her money, so the judge issued the man an alimony of 2000 dinars for the woman, so the man was forced to pay the amount, so the woman took him and gave him 20 dinars as promised.


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