Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

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The month of July is named after Julius Caesar, and it is said that Julius Caesar was the first to.
He was born with a cesarean section in history, and that is why a cesarean section was generally characterized as he was born in the year 100 BC. M.
  • This is generally unconfirmed information
We go back to the year 100 BC

The Roman Empire was governed by something like the People's Assembly we have called a Council Of Nobles.
Not all of the council, but a minority of them called themselves the Nobility Class.

Julius Caesar.

Julius And Sulla

Julius Caesar's family was against this regime and they formed a party like the opposition party.
Later, Caesar was married to  Sulla's daughter, the ruler of Rome, so " Sulla " decided that ...
Anyone who belongs to this opposition party and is married to someone from their own party.
He must divorce her, but Caesar refused to divorce the daughter of Sulla.


So Sulla ordered to imprisoned him, but his family had acquaintances who Intercede and get him out of prison.
After that, he joined the Romanian army and became a division commander in the army, and he was distinguished by order, courage and valor.

Triple Alliance

After that, he and (Pompey the Great) and (Marcus Crassus) formed
This alliance was called the Triple Alliance, and they destroyed Sulla and his party of nobles.

Triple Alliance
Caesar went and got busy with the army after the matter was settled for him and for the Triple Alliance in Rome.
He fought many wars and won all of them, the most important of which was the Gallic War.
Pompeius killed Crassus and was left alone in Rome. Who is missing?
Oh Julius Caesar.

Gallic War

At the height of the Gallic War, Pompey decided to isolate Julius Caesar and order him to return to Rome.
Julius Caesar refused, but he really went to Rome, but with the whole army and under his leadership.
Pompeius, in response, had a strong army that continued the civil war between the two
From the year 49 to the year 45 BC.

Julius Becomes Caesar

It ended with the victory of Julius Caesar in the Battle of Munda in the year 45
Of course, after 4 years of war, Julius Caesar took over and started reforming the world, building the country again, and reforming the lives of the people who were about to perish.

Among his most important aides was Cassius, a friend of the battlefields, and Brutus, who was raised by Caesar and whom he considered his son
The important thing is that Caesar declared the Dictatorial Regime, abolished the republic, declared the Roman Empire, and appointed himself a permanent ruler over the empire.

Betrayal of a Friend


Cassius was very angry at Caesar's actions and the dictatorial regime he ruled
Caesar was angry with him all the time.
Cassius was adept at gaining the trust of those around him, so he gathered people to kill Caesar, and even managed to convince Brutus that Caesar had become arrogant and arrogant and a danger to Rome.
And that all of this is for the benefit of Rome.

And the conspirators met with him in the Senate to consider the conditions of the empire with Caesar, but Cassius was plotting against Caesar in this meeting, so they all gathered, but they were gathered together to get rid of Caesar. When the meeting began, they began to implement their plan, and each one of them stabbed Caesar. Until Caesar said to him (Even You, Brutus).


Brutus said to him, "Sorry, sir, but for Rome's sake."
Caesar said (Then Let Caesar Die And Rome Live)
And he grabbed Brutus' hand and the dagger, inserted the dagger into his chest, and died.

The most famous stab in history

Caesar's Revenge

After Caesar's death, three people gathered to take revenge on the criminals who killed Caesar.
Gaius Octavius ​​(Caesar's adopted son).
Marcus Aemilius Lepidus (an ally of Julius Caesar).

Marcus Antony ( who is the most important assistant to Caesar and his military commander).
And after the Trio took revenge on those killed by Julius Caesar in the Battle of Philippi, which ended with the victory of the Triple Alliance, each of them greed for power.

Octavius ​​succeeded in banishing Lepidus from Rome and stripping him of his position
Antonio was married to Octavia, the sister of Octavius, and the Romans were forbidden to marry a non-Roman woman.

New Era And New War

After the end of Philippi's war, Macos Anthony went to Egypt to take possession of her, and he was going to ask his soldiers to bring Cleopatra, the last king of the Ptolemaic Era In Egypt, to know how she did not help in taking revenge on her Ex-Husband Julius Caesar, and she had a son from Julius Caesar  Called " Ptolemy XV ".

But according to the famous novel, Cleopatra was very beautiful and knew that her army would not be able to defeat the armies of the Romans, and she also bet that Marcus Anthony was the one who prevailed over Octavius, so she went to him naked wrapped in a carpet to Anthony so that no one could see her.

mark anthony

Anthony was fascinated by her beauty and her love.

Antony wanted to rule Egypt alone, away from the Roman Empire
Besides siding with Cleopatra at the expense of Octavia's sister Octavius
Things flared up between Octavius and Anthony, until the matter came to The Naval Battle Of Actium in the year 31 BC. 


And all things were referring to an overwhelming victory for Anthony, but the exact opposite happened, so many of Mark Antony's soldiers were infected with Malaria, which was widespread at that time, and many soldiers died of it, so there was no one to blaspheme in the first place.


Betrayal once again

Along with a commander of Antonius' army, called (Delios), who went with all of Antony's plans to Octavius.
Octavius ​​besieged Anthony's army at sea, and Anthony tried to break the siege in every way, and he actually succeeded, but after he lost a huge number of ships, he fled to the port of Alexandria.
This weakened the soldier's resolve, and at least 15,000 soldiers deserted the army before they even fought.

The end of a love story

And Cleopatra tried everything she had and in every way to help Anthony, but to no avail.
And by the aides of Octavius, ​​Anthony informed that Cleopatra had fallen into captivity and committed suicide so that Octavius' leaders would not reach her and torture her.
(He also committed suicide, saying (It is not permissible to live without you, Cleopatra
And when Cleopatra learned, she called herself a poisonous cobra snake, so she bit her and died as well.

Queen Cleopatra trustpast.net

And Octavius found her son from Julius Caesar Ptolemy XV (Caesarion) and killed him so that he would not one day claim his father's possession.

And after this great victory and the subjugation of Egypt to the Roman Empire The Senate decided, in addition to the title of Caesar, to give Octavius ​​another title, which is August, which is the name of one of their gods, and they appointed Augustus Caesar as the king and god of the empire.

Thus, the month of 8 became the month of August.

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