Shahryar And King Shah

Shahryar And King Shah

Shahryar And King Shah
This story is considered the opening story of the book One Thousand and One Nights and it is the main story on which the rest of the stories of the book are based
It recounts how King Shah discovered his wife's infidelity to him with a slave during his visit to his older brother Shahryar Before he left the city, he remembered the bead he would give his brother as a gift in the palace, so he returned to take it. and found his wife and the slave with her on his bed so he killed them both and went to stay with his brother Shahryar.
But he remained depressed silent, and didn't talk to anyone even his brother

Breaking the Silence

shah zaman
One day Shahryar was out of the country
King Shah discovered the infidelity of his brother's wife with twenty slaves when he was looking out the window of his brother's palace King Shahryar which overlooked his orchard and when the palace door opened twenty maids and twenty slaves and his brother's wife came out of it among them until they reached the beach took off their clothes and sat together
And when the king's wife called one of the slaves, he came to her he hugged her and she hugged him while they were naked, and he practiced vice with her as well as the rest of the slaves

Shahryar went crazy

So he told his brother what he saw and told him that this is what happened with his wife as well
When King Shahryar heard this, his mind flew out of his head and he killed his wife
And King Shahryar married every day a virginal girl and after marrying her one night he killed her Before she take the chance to betray him


After a while, The minister who was in charge of providing a bride for the king did not find any more virgins.
Then his daughter Shahrazad offered herself to be a bride for the king
Her father reluctantly agreed.

1001 Arabian Nights

1001 arabian nights
And on the night of their marriage Shahrazad started telling a story to the king but do not end it as this aroused The king's curiosity to hear the end of the story and then she starts telling another story that the king is eager to hear its end as well and does not end it until the second day or the next day.
Which prompted him to postpone her execution to listen to the end of the stories.
And she remained like this until she completed telling 264 stories until she completed his Tousand and one nights.
And he had Fallen in love with her and Pardoned her and the series of Shahryar's murder of the girls ended.

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