Khorafa and Valley Of The Jinn

Khorafa and Valley of the Jinn

Khorafa and Valley of the Jinn
  • There are people whose names remain alive forever, even when they leave the world, and these names live their personal lives separately from them, gaining a kind of autonomy. People forget, with the succession of times, the significance of first names and their association with their owners, for example, who knows that the "pajamas", that is, a nightgown, is originally a man's name?" Some may know that the word "sandwich" that we eat is also the name of a man who could not stand to break away from gambling, which made him invent a way of eating that does not prevent him from continuing to play with the fate of his possessions, and so it seems for the word "Khorafa"
  • Once Upon a time there was a boy from the tribe of Bani Ozra who named "Khorafa" and "Khorafa" in Arabic are the things that the mind does not believe and its meaning in English is a Fairy Tale or Myth
  • One day the mother asked her son " Khorafa " to go to graze sheep in the valley, but she warned him not to go to the distant valley because she is afraid of the distance and the mystery that surrounds this valley, but when he went to the valley, he found it very crowded and there are a lot of shepherds and sheep and found the Forbidden Valley and there is no one in it, so he decided to go to the Forbidden Valley and it was called the " valley of the jinn ".
Khorafa and Valley of the Jinn
  • And when Khorafa got tired, he decided to rest a little, so he mostly slept until night came and woke up, but he didn't find his sheep, and when he looked longer, he found three men taking his sheep and running, so he ran after them until he realized them and called out to them. Oh hey: these are my sheep, wait, thieves.
  • The robbers and those with him turned to him then Khorafa found himself in front of a group of elves living in the Valley.
  • When Khorafa realized that he had entered the Forbidden Valley and that he was in front of a group of Jinn, he decided to escape from them, but they caught him and there was a discussion among the jinn about the fate of this man and what they were doing with him.
  • one of them said We must kill him, the other said that he did not know that this valley belongs to us and that it is forbidden for a human to enter it, so let's take his sheep as punishment and let him go free and there is no need to kill him .
  • And in the end, after a great argument between them, they decided to take him with them to the valley of Jinn as punishment for him grazing his sheep on the jinn hills without their permission.

The Beginning Of The Journey

Khorafa and Valley of the Jinn
  • Then they tied him up and took him with them to the valley of the jinn and on their way there they found two Jinn, one riding a mule and the other riding a horse, but they realized that the slave is riding the horse and the prince is riding the mule, they asked him, why do you let your servant ride a horse while you are riding the mule
  • He asked them about the prisoner with whom they had a "Khorafa" and they told him that they had captured him because they found him tending his sheep in the valley of Jinn.
  • The prince said I will tell you about my story on condition that you involve me in judging this prisoner and the jinn agreed so the prince started talking.

The Story Of The Deceived Prince

Khorafa and Valley of the Jinn
  • My father was a great king and when he died I took over after him and when I saw strange things about my mother I started watching her until I found out that she had a sexual relationship with one of my slaves so I arrested them and I enchanted her to a mule, and i enchanted the slave to a horse.
  • When my people found out what had happened, they isolated me and expelled me, so I began to travel the land riding this mule, and I made my servant ride the horse.
  • They really told him that it was a strange story and we decided to involve you in the matter of this prisoner.
  • And while the prince was telling his story with his mother, the wise Genie heard the Prince's story and said, ' And what is the wonder about this??'!
  • They asked him if he had an unusual story like the Prince's, and he said yes, and I will tell you about my story on condition that you involve me in judging this prisoner,and the jinn agreed and said to them, do you know the issue of the chain of judgment?.

Chain Of Judgment

Khorafa and Valley of the Jinn
  • So he began to tell that it is a chain hanging in the sky, under which the disputants stand and tell the problem that is between them.
  • There was a merchant who owned a large ruby and was traveling and deposited it with his neighbor as a safe until he returned.
  • But his neighbor craved the ruby and coveted it, so he hid it inside a stick that he owned and always leaned on it.
  • A month later, the merchant returned to retrieve the ruby and his neighbor said to him: which a ruby !؟ The Merchant said: the Ruby I gave you, the neighbor said to him: man, I returned it to you.
  • The merchant was surprised and said to him, ' when did you return it to me?' I just arrived from my trip, and I haven't seen you since I gave you the Ruby.
  • The neighbor said to him: it was a heavy load and I returned your ruby to you and I swear I did, so they went to the chain to judge between them.
  • The dealer told the story to the chain, and the chain approached him and he turned out to be sincere.
  • The neighbor said: "now it's my turn to tell what happened between us to the chain, but can you take the stick because it's heavy and distracts me from telling the story, so the Merchant took his stick from him, "which has a ruby in it".
  • The neighbor said: "This man gave me his ruby when he was traveling, so that he could return and take it back, and I did i already returned it to him.
  • the chain approached him too and he turned out to be sincere.
  • Here the people shouted," the chain has equated the unjust with the oppressed, " and here the chain was raised to heaven because of the deceit of mankind, and the judgment between people became by argument and proof.
  • then Khorafa said, " and what's so strange about that?"
  • And the jinn said, ' Do you have a better story than this?'
  • Khorafa he said, " yes, but I will tell you about my story on condition that you involve me in judging myself,the elves laughed and agreed to that.

The End

Khorafa and Valley of the Jinn
  • And "Khorafa" said: Allah Almighty created the jinn and the human and made a Veil between them and one night there was a man herding sheep and a group of jinn appeared to him and they captured him and took him to their Land and he heard from their Tales the Marvels, Is there anything more impressive than that?
  • The Jinn laughed and told him : yes yes you are right there is no wonder more than this and they let him go back to his family.
  • And when he came back he started Telling everyone what happened And whenever he told anyone his story he didn't believe him.
  • And days and years passed And whenever people listen to any Unbelievable Conversations they say Like A Story Of Khorafa.

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