Abu Zeid al-Hilali

Abu Zeid al-Hilali

Biography of Abu Zeid Alhilali trustpast.net
  • Abu Zeid al-Hilali is a strange and mysterious figure about whom historians have not mentioned anything in detail and clear, except for a few references in some books.
  • Abu Zeid Al-Hilali lived in the fifth century AH and he is from The Hilal Tribe and was attributed to it so it was said Hilali.

His first journey in youth

  • In ancient times, the tribe in which Al-Hilali was born was subjected to a kind of drought and poverty This brought the tribe to the brink of death After that, the people of the city gathered together and decided not to succumb to death Instead of surrendering to the fait accompli They decided to send a young man from their tribe To bring them water and food to meet their needs in life, they decided to consult A sheikh about this.

  • He said to them, "I will tell you my opinion, but on The condition that the whole tribe march for one day in order to test their endurance." The people of the tribe agreed to his request And when they implemented his demand, The Sheikh chose The Young Hilali Salama The people of the tribe were amazed and told him why you chosen him?
  • And he said that all the young men changed their hips from time to time They sit on the right side for a while, then change it and sit on the left side Except for Al-Hilali, he did not do the same as them, but remained on one hip and did not replace it It indicates how Ardent and Patient this young man is.

  • The tribemen agreed to resurrect al-Hilali And from here The Story Of Abu Zeid al-Hilali began But Al-Hilali stipulated that his tribe members send two other young men with him They agreed to this demand and sent two young men with him So the three young men went on their journey in search of the worldly goods of life

  • After that, these young men were starved they were at the entrance to a village and they entered it, but the people of this village did not host these young people or help them in their ordeal It was then that Al-Hilali Knight decided to convince the two young men accompanying him on his journey that they would sell him in the market as a slave After a long argumen This two companions agreed And they actually sold him

  • Al-Hilali bought a good man with generous manners and trusted this man in Abu Zeid Alhilali and entrusted him with his money Al-Hilali could not deceive the man and take the money and run away And once that man was sitting in one of Singing party with his son having his coffee So this man asked all the people sitting that one of them sing on Al-Rababa ( A popular musical instrument ), Al-Hilali sang on Al-Rababa and told his story in the song he recited Then this man and his son understood Abu Zeid's Intention So the man freed him immediately and gave him the money he wanted

Forced displacement of Abu Zaid al-Hilali from his tribe

Biography of Abu Zeid Alhilali trustpast.net

  • Abu Zeid was born with dark skin And his father "Rizq" refrained from recognizing him He accused his mother of treason, but could not divorce her because of his intense love for her, He decided to hide the matter from the people of the tribe until he reached a suitable solution But it didn't take much time to hide it, As the news spread throughout the tribe, Then The Elders of this tribe met to discuss this issue and make an appropriate decision During their meeting, They accused Rizk of bringing shame to their tribe, and decided to expel Hilali and his mother from their tribe The mother and her child should go to her father's house in Mecca, Rizk had to agree to their decision and implement it.

  • After that, Rizk actually sent the mother and her child to her father's house, And sent with them one of his followers, Sheikh Manea As they headed to Mecca Fate would have them meet The Prince of Banu al-Zahlan Prince Al-Fadl Ibn Bisim He asked them to tell him their story And they told it to him And the prince was saddened when he heard the story then the prince offered Al-Hilali's Mother to be in his hospitality The mother accepted Fearing to confront her child's uncles As this prince welcomed her and her son's hospitality He adopted Al-Hilali, considered him one of his sons And changed his name and surname to Prince Barakat.

Study Of Abu Zeid Alhilali

Biography of Abu Zeid Alhilali trustpast.net

  • Prince Al-Fadl Ibn Bisim attached him to the princes' schools in the Bani al-Zahlan Tribe As one of his sons As he was characterized at that time by strength and recklessness This only brought him many problems Including when a teacher at the Abu Zaid Al-Hilali's school beat his adopted brother at that time Al-Hilali beat that teacher to death

The Return Of Abu Zaid Al-Hilali Salameh To His Tribe

  • After Hilali grew up, he returned to his homeland after originally knowing his lineage, and found the people of his tribe complaining about the lack of rain for them This has caused a lot of problems, such as drought, famine and drought Al-Hilali searched for another homeland for himself, and he and three other young men left his tribe They are Yahya, Younes and Merhi And they headed towards Tunisia When they arrived in Tunisia They found its Ruler Unjust As Hilali and his companions did not agree to this This caused a lot of conflict between them and the ruler known as Al-Zanati Khalifa

Death of Abu Zaid Al-Hilali

Biography of Abu Zeid Alhilali trustpast.net

  • Al-Hilali was killed by a knight known as Thiab bin Ghanem Al-Hilali Al-Amiri Al-Hawazni Where he worked greedily and greedily in ruling Tunisia to kill Al-Hilali treacherously during the invasion of  Bani Hilal Tribe to Tunisia in search of food and drink as well
  • Prince Diab bin Ghanem Al-Hilali wanted to get rid of Abu Zaid Al-Hilali but he was confident that if he entered a battle with him he would end up defeated.

  • Diab fired a spear at Al-Hilali from behind him, piercing his body and killing him Diab then killed the ruler of Tunisia, Zanati Khalifa, and did not allow to buried him He hung his head, displayed his body in the open, and seized the throne of the Zenati He would kill anyone who opposed or stood up to him, and as a result the Bani Hilal tribe entered Tunisia They then entered Kairouan, then Constantinople, and then some cities in Algeria In the end, Mukhaimer, one of Hilali's sons, killed Diab in revenge for his father  He shot a spear in his back, killing him instantly.

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