Ancient American History

Ancient American History

Independence flag Trust Past

Ten thousand years

Ancient American History Trust Past

  • In talking about the ancient history of America It must be noted that humans had settled in the Americas after entering through the Bering Strait from the continent of Asia about ten thousand years ago Before the last ice age receded.

  • Humans lived for thousands of years in North and South America and established ancient civilizations there before Europeans discovered this new world in the fifteenth century AD. 

Discover America

Christopher Columbus Trust Past
  • In 1592 Christopher Columbus is the first to arrive in America and thought it was the East Indies.

  • However, The Italian explorer Americo Vespucci was the first to know that America was not the East Indies as it was at the time So it was named after him.

American Civilizations

Inca tribes Trust Past

  • Before Columbus discovered the Americas In the history of ancient America Many civilizations arose that disappeared with the increasing European invasion of them. 

  • Among the most important of these civilizations were: Teotihuacan, Tiawanaco, Maya, Aztec,Inca and other civilizations, 

  • The features of these civilizations appeared in several forms Including civilized settlements that work in agriculture and take a civil character and have advanced urbanization and the great architectural monuments in them still testify to the genius of those nations. 
  • Some of them also had a very complex social hierarchy that shows the extent of development reached by these peoples But many of these civilizations disappeared with the European presence later. 
  • According to the old documents Some of them had advanced achievements in the field of astronomy Mathematics and others. 
Tenochtitlan City Trust Past
  • Tenochtitlan on the site of Old Mexico City was one of the most impressive cities in the world at the time With an estimated population of more than 200,000 people. 
  • With the increase in European migrations to the Americas Settlements began to form And France's largest share was within North America. 
  • Britain then began to establish its colonies Starting with Virginia,
  • After that, the number of immigrants began to grow rapidly due to organized migration, increased number of births and fewer deaths And by the beginning of the 18th century African slaves were a huge labor force.

Independence of America

America's independence and Lord Cornwall's surrender Trust Past
  • Thirteen British colonies were established that would later become the nucleus of the United States of America And during the Indo-French War British forces were able to control Canada and expel France from it.
  • The population of the thirteen states reached 2.6 million After which tension was increasing between the American colonists and Britain in the sixties of the 18th century Which led to the war of independence that took place between 1775 AD and 1781 AD.
  • Through which the colonists in America gained their independence after the Third Continental Congress in Philadelphia and the establishment of a continental army led by George Washington.
  • The conference adopted the Declaration of Independence Which was drafted by Thomas Jefferson on July 4, 1776 And this day is Independence Day in the United States of America.

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