History Of Europe In The Middle Ages

History Of Europe In The Middle Ages

History Of Europe In The Middle Ages Trust Past
  • The stage of the Middle Ages is located between the fifth century AD until the eleventh century AD And Europe before this historical stage was part of the Roman Empire And historians have called the medieval stage The Dark Age Where the level of education and culture was very degenerate And many beliefs were based on myths, fairy tales and myths And the Middle Ages began from the fall of the great Roman Empire And there are no specific dates for the end of the Roman Empire Which was the largest power on earth Its territory expanded from east to western.

Invasions Of The Tribes Of Amazigh

Invasions Of The Tribes Of Amazigh Trust Past
  • The first tribes that dared to attack the Roman Empire after its weakness appeared and corruption spread in it were the Germanic Tribes and occupied the northern parts of it As the Goths controlled Spain and Italy The Saxons controlled Britain The Franks over France and divided the territory of the empire into large fiefdoms of land that were called Diaa ( The Lost Place ).

Feudal Era

Feudal Era Trust Past
  • The body of the Roman Empire was torn into kingdoms and estates owned by the ruler The rich and the powerful These losses are worked by Peasants with low wages and sometimes forced labor And then a new Socio-Economic system appeared in Europe Which is the Feudal system So European Society was divided into three classes of Clergy.
  • The landowner class And finally The Peasant And Worker Class Landowners practiced the worst forms of injustice and domination over peasants and workers, until they became their slaves, which helped to tear Europe into warring areas.

Church Domination

Church Domination Trust Past
  • The Feudal Era lasted for long periods But the emergence of the importance of the Church began to increase with the stage of Christianization of the Amazighs So the power of the church began to increase, especially since Europeans became disloyal to one ruler And the disadvantages of the feudal system began to increase The population began to unite under the shadow of the church And the Clergy Of Priests and others were active in spreading Christianity throughout Europe So the church owned land, collected taxes, and established religious schools, hospitals and monasteries.

King Charlemagne

King Charlemagne Trust Past
  • The Franks who controlled France were able to unite Europe again And one of their most famous kings was Charlemagne, who protected the Church from its enemies and good education, so he founded a school in his palace and brought teachers from all over Europe, so they built schools and translated old manuscripts, but this state did not last long because of disputes over governance between Charlemagne's sons.
  • Europe returned to the feudal era, and the Cavalry Class erected by the feudal lords to protect their interests and collect their money appeared.
  • As the disadvantages of the feudal system became more and more apparent, people turned to the Church to rid them of the injustice of the landowners, and the Church became the only force connecting the parts of Europe, and the Pope was the greatest authority, possessing religious and secular authority.
  • Europe lived under the religious laws imposed by the Church and priests exercised Power Over The People But the spread of Corruption in churches and monasteries has paved the way for Rebellions against the Pope's Teachings Especially after the emergence of the Humanist Movement that calls for respect for the human being And some reformers appeared who called for The Reform Of The Catholic Church And translations of The Bible appeared in local languages And people learned about the origin of the Christian religion, and Europe lived at this stage long religious wars Which led to the emergence of the Renaissance throughout Europe, after The authority of the clergy has been reduced And their work has become concerned with religious matters only.

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