Jean De Clisson

Jean De Clisson

Jean De Clisson Trust Past

In The Beginning

Olivier de Clisson IV Trust Past

  • Jean de Belleville was born in one of the French towns in 1300 And her father was the sole heir of his family, which was called the De Belleville Family, that very wealthy family that resided in that town Hundreds of years ago to die when his daughter Jean de Belleville only three years old And she was the only heiress to his wealth.

  • When Jean de turned twelve, she married a young man who was only a few years older than her, and he was named Geoffrey Who was one of the Nobles Of The City Of Brittany and was also Like Jean de, The Sole Heir of his family.

  • The marriage of Jean de and Geoffrey did not last long As her husband died in 1326 To marry only two years after his death To another person But this marriage did not last long either As Pope John II intervened Stopped the Proceedings of this marriage and annulled it by 1330.

  • And the same year did not pass, until Jeanne de had completed her third marriage To her husband named Olivier de Clisson IV Who was also one of the Nobles of Brittany And they had married about a love story that brought them together And resulted in five children, that marriage that was the opposite of all the above, Jeanne De was obsessed with Clisson love and love But that happiness did not last long.

A Friend Today Could Be An Enemy Tomorrow

Duke Charles de Blois Trust Past

  • The war broke out between both England and France So Olivier left his loving wife Jean de and went to visit his homeland, especially since the battlefield was Brittany So Olivier participated in the war next to Duke Charles de Blois in 1342.

  • Olivier was one of a group of Lords, who participated in that war of the Nobility the Brittany region against the English attacks, which almost wiped out the city.

  • Unfortunately, the English attacks continued until the English stormed the city of Brittany after four consecutive harsh attacks And the brave nobles resisting this attack Including Olivier Were captured until a truce agreement was signed between the English and French parties During which Olivier was released with a Ransom.

Get Rid Of Olivier

  • After the release of Olivier and his fellow nobles, Duke Charles began to think about what had happened And his thinking led him to a conspiracy and betrayal on the part of his nobles, as he felt that they deliberately caused the overthrow of Brittany, without defending it with the complicity of the English side Especially since the English did not demand a heavy ransom for them, which strengthened the Duke's thinking about Treason.

  • After that, The Duke held a Huge Celebration about The Truce that was signed between the parties and then the guards began to drag Olivier accompanied by Fifteen Nobles Released towards Paris And despite the absence of any Evidence against them The Duke insisted on Revenge on all of them So they were Beheaded in Paris And then sent to hang in the city of Nantes.

Jean's Revenge

Jean's Revenge Trust Past

  • When Jean de learned of what had happened she went Crazy and Swore to Avenge the Duke revenge So she sold everything she owned and gathered men loyal to her husband and to the nobles who had been Assassinated So they gathered around her to go to the Galois Castle One of the Duke's loyal men who was not news of the Execution Olivier had the Maritime Zone separating France and England.
  • Jean De took advantage of this Zone to practice Piracy against French ships while allowing English ships to cross Which prompted the English to grant them some land overlooking the English Canal.

Olivier Jr Takes His Father's Revenge

Olivier Jr Trust Past

  • Each time, Jean left a group of survivors to report their news to King Philip but the king died before Jeanne de avenged him And one day the ship of Jeanne de sank with her and her son and some English ships rescued her So that Jeanne de stopped attacking French ships until her Son Olivier became a Warrior and attacked Duke Charles at the Battle of Ouray To lose his eye and Charles died and thus Olivier Jr avenged his late father who killed him unjustly.


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