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Olga's Revenge

Princess Olga Trust Past

The Fiercest Revenge Of A Woman In Love In History

  • The princess who burned an entire people in Revenge for her husband, where her husband was brutally killed, took revenge on the killers with the most revenge.
Prince Igor And Princess Olga Trust Past

  • In the year 945 AD, more than four years had passed since the marriage of Prince Igor Prince of Kiev and its surroundings To his wife Princess Olga Who was said to be of Bulgarian origin and was said to be from another Russian tribe, but the most likely saying is that he married her from one of the Scandinavian countries because the name Olga is a name that spreads among the Norwegians, Danes and Swedes of that region.
  • A princess of Bulgarian origin married by Prince Igor Urek Prince of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine today And they had their son Svyatoslav The couple had a great relationship of love and affection Until the year 945 AD And the happiness of this family was eliminated.

The Beginning Of The Crisis

Igor collects Royalties Trust Past

  • It was the Drevlian tribe The tribe ruled by Prince Igor Where the prince imposed Levies And Royalties on them in exchange for his protection of them and this year he recollected the royalties from them again That is He collected the royalties twice in one year because he was not satisfied with its proceeds.

  • The people of the tribe resented and kidnapped and killed The Prince in a brutal way, they bent two trees until they met Then tied him between them And then they escaped the two trees Which led to his body splitting in half and his blood splashing.

Olga Assumes Power

Olga assumes power Trust Past

  • After his assassination His wife took over to become the first woman to rule Kiev Because their son was still young 
  • The Tribe Of Drevlian tried to reconcile with the princess and sent its best and most ruling men to convince her to marry their prince "Mal" who coveted the rule of Kiev.

Olga Takes Power And Takes The Path Of Revenge

Olga takes power and takes the path of revenge Trust Past

  • The princess buried all these men alive in Revenge for her husband And then sent a messenger to Prince Mal informing him that she agreed to marry him and that she hosted the men to wander among her people in preparation for the news of her marriage and wanted to send her more brave Drevlian Men Until the prince sent other men to the Queen's Castle Which welcomed and honored them and then imprisoned them and issued orders to burn them alive.

  • She again sent to The Prince Of The Tribe that she was preparing a Solemn Consolation for her husband before marrying him and asked him to bring the best of the Drevlian Soldiers.
  • Indeed, The Prince sent a large number of soldiers and as soon as the soldiers entered Olga's Army pounced on them and kill them all.

  • This is how Olga was able to eliminate the best men and soldiers of the Drevlian and prepared with her armies to invade the Drevlian and besieged them and during the siege the people of the tribe begged her to leave them alive for all their production of honey, She decided to pardon them in exchange for "Three Flying Pigeons" from each house to be a symbol of peace, and the People Of The Tribe agreed.

How The Whole Village Was Burned

Olga completely burned the village Trust Past

  • After handing over the birds, the soldiers tied a burning piece of Sulfur-Covered cloth tied with a slightly long string to the birds' feet and left them to return to their nests in the tribe's Farmers ' houses to burn them and to burn the entire village.

There Is No Survivor

Olga's Revenge Trust Past

  • During the Escape of the people of the Drevlian Tribe Olga ordered her soldiers to capture them Some were killed and some became slaves
  • with this Olga wiped out an entire tribe in revenge for her husband whom she adored As the pages of history tell.
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