The Battle Of Delta

The Battle Of Delta ( Al-Delta Battle )

The Battle Of The Delta ( Al-Delta Battle ) Trust Past
  • Ramses III is the one who saved the world from the Tatars of the Ancient World in The Battle of the Delta which is considered The World War of the Antiquity.

King Ramses III

King Ramses III Trust Past
  • Ramses III is one of the famous Kings of Egypt Ruled between 1183 BC and 1152 BC
  • And is The Last Ruler of the Modern Pharaonic State, his father Ramses II One of the pharaohs of The Twentieth Family Who was famous for large construction works Ramses III followed his approach to construction And also in immunizing the state from attacks and continuous External Invasion.

Conquest of the peoples of the Mediterranean

Confrontations of the peoples of the Mediterranean Trust Past
  • Between 1276 and 1178 BC The Mediterranean Region was subjected to constant terror by Mysterious sea peoples.
  • Although they are often referred to as Pirates or Conquerors, many historians now consider these Mediterranean Peoples to have been a Significant Population Migration, fleeing the Famine and Chaos that contributed to the collapse of The Late Bronze Age.
  • During the reign of Ramses III The Pharaonic Kingdom was subjected to many covetous invasions of the Egyptian land The most prominent of which was the Invasion of the peoples of The Mediterranean which are peoples who came from the Eastern Mediterranean Region Hence its name, In addition to other names such as the Ballist, Al-Tajiker and Sheridin.
  • These peoples invaded Syria and Palestine and burned many cities.

  • In addition to The Kingdom Of The Hittites Whose capital was destroyed Hatusha As well as The Island Of Cyprus Which they also passed.
  • And because they wanted a land suitable for Settlement with a large area and rich resources Their goals were to control Egypt And this invasion is one of the most dangerous things that Egypt was subjected to in its Ancient History And it is no less dangerous than the Hyksos who preceded them to invade Egypt And the invasion of the peoples of the Mediterranean came from the sea, of course to fall Egypt under Suffocating Siege.
  • But what was found on the walls of The Temples and Tombs of the Pharaohs chronicles the heroism of the Naval Fleet Forces Which are ships and sailboats made of Cedar Wood And their tasks were to address any external maritime threat and eliminate any revolution against the state in addition to protecting the Maritime Borders and imposing control over the Egyptian Coasts.

The Battle Of The Delta

The Battle Of The Delta Trust Past

  • The oldest mention of the peoples of the sea dates back to the end of The Thirteenth Century BC Where King Merenptah mentioned a list of peoples that he triumphed over Among them the peoples of the sea ( The Mediterranean Peoples ).

  • Renewed attacks of the peoples of the sea during the reign of Ramses III Where they carried out several campaigns on Egypt The first of which was in the fifth year of his reign Where they launched a joint attack with their Libyan Allies ( LIPPO ) on the borders of the Western Delta and tried to reach the city of Memphis, Ramses was able to repel them, and defeated them.
  • Then they returned in the eighth year of his reign And this time The Brave King of Egypt With the help of his army and his fleet Was able to crush them. 
King Ramses III is crowned and blessed by the hands of horus and seth Trust Past
  • Ramses was aware of the superiority of the peoples of the sea in open water So he allowed them to enter the Nile Delta Where the Egyptian navy attacked them using Hooks to hunt enemy Ships While archers on the shore rained down a Barrage of Arrows.
  • In the end, victory was certain, and the Egyptians avoided the fate of the Hittites And The Pharaonic State won under the leadership of King Ramses III Whose heroism in this battle was immortalized on the walls of the Famous Temple Which was named after The Temple of Ramses III A Funerary Temple built in the Habu Area On the Western Land of Luxor.

Ramesses III himself describes the battle on The longest wall text 

The longest wall text of King Ramses III Trust Past

  • Those who reached my border had their seed perished, and their heart and soul had been wiped out forever, but those who came by sea to shore were awaited by flames at the mouth of the Nile, while a fence of bayonets awaited them on the shore, and they ended up being dragged ashore trapped and thrown to the ground on the bridges, dead piled up piles, and their belongings fell into the water.

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