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Mameluk Massacre 1811

Mameluk massacre 1811

Mohammed Ali Basha

  • Mohammed Ali Basha Born in 1769 in Kola, Macedonia (Greece)
  • At the age of ten, he worked with his father in the tobacco trade and ship charter, and succeeded his father as head of irregular soldiers

The era of Muhammad Ali

Mohammed Ali Basha
He came to Egypt in 1799 as part of an Ottoman military division to work to drive the French out of Egypt, but the Ottoman forces were defeated at the site of "Abu Kir Wilderness", and then he returned to his country
He came again to Egypt in 1801 as part of the army of Captain Hussein, who came to help the British evacuate the French from Egypt

Overthrow of Khorshid Pasha

Khorshid Pasha
After the evacuation of the French campaign, he was promoted to the rank of Major General, and then nominated for the post of Chief of the General Command and Commander of the Palaces Guard to the Governor-General.
On July 9, 1805, the Ottoman Sultan agreed to the request of the scholars, appointed Muhammad Ali as governor of Egypt and deposed Khurshid Pasha

Muhammad Ali faces Murad Bey's troubles

Mourad Bey
When Muhammad Ali wanted to rule Egypt alone, he faced many problems and had to get rid of them, such as popular leadership, Albanian soldiers and Mamluks, because they were the original rulers of Egypt, and attempts to reconcile and satisfy the money made by Muhammad Ali did not work with them so that he wanted to appease Murad Bey, the leader of the Mamluks, and gave him the rule of Upper Egypt in exchange for an obligation of money and not helping the Mamluks to the British, but he did not find this with them
Mameluk Massacre 1811
Until the opportunity came to Muhammad Ali and the Ottoman Sultan sent to Muhammad Ali asking him to equip armies and go out to fight the Wahhabi movement in the Arabian Peninsula, which is attributed to Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, and it was at the beginning calling for the religious direction and then deviated to the political direction, Muhammad Ali was worried, as he saw that if the army went out at this time and left Muhammad Ali alone without protection, the Mamluks would think of seizing this opportunity and eliminating it, so Muhammad Ali thought about He took this opportunity and eliminated them as he thought to invite the leaders of the Mamluks to come to the castle under the pretext that he would hold a party to bid farewell to the army abroad to fight the Wahhabis, and the invitation went to the Mamluks in The Mamluk leaders did not doubt the intention of Muhammad Ali
And that was planned by Lazoghli Pasha

Ibrahim Bey leads the death procession

Ibrahim Bey leads the procession just before the massacre of the castle
The procession is advanced by a large army of horses ridden by the army of Muhammad Ali led by his son (Ibrahim Bey), then Muhammad Ali asked the Mamluks to march in the ranks of the army in order to be at the forefront of his depositors, and at this moment after the army came out of the castle door closed the doors and guards who were running their heads to the Mamluks, they turned to them and the launch of a bullet in the sky, which is the agreed signal to carry out that operation and bullets rained from all directions and from everywhere On the Mamelukes 

Amin Bey Survived

Amin Bey
And the death of all the Mamluks who attended the celebration says historians that only one Mamluk was able to escape from the massacre and called Amin Bey, who jumped his horse from over the wall of the castle, and fell unconscious and died horse from the severity of the fall, and stole his weapon and money and hit with swords hit him severely in the neck, but he did not die, and found others who hid and treated him until he recovered, but no one knows where he is, so there were many gossip about going to Syria and going to Sudan, and the massacre travels death more than 400 owned
Muhammad Ali not only killed the Mamluks in the citadel, but his soldiers went to the houses of the Mamluks and killed everyone in them in the streets 

The streets of Egypt are drenched in blood

Killing Mamluks at their houses
There is a neighborhood in Egypt called Al-Darb Al-Ahmar  ( Red Trail ) and it was named like this because of the large amount of blood that was flowing in the streets of this neighborhood from the bodies of the murdered Mamluks

Muhammad Ali and the beginning of Egypt's modern renaissance

Muhammad Ali and Egypt's Renaissance
After that, Muhammad Ali ruled Egypt alone, and he came to rule Egypt with iron and fire, but to be fair, Muhammad Ali's rule of Egypt was one of the most prosperous periods of Egypt's rule in education, culture, military power, agriculture, and industry

مذبحه القلعه مذبحه المماليك محمد علي


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