The Difference Between Rum and Romans

The Difference Between Rum and Romans

The Rum And Romans

  • The word Rum and Romans often pass us by, and this causes some confusion between them, so we need to clarify the difference between them.

  • Both the Rum and Romans belonged to the ancient Roman Empire, which was united and strong , and they are a dynasty called the Yellow Banu, whose Origin is due to the descendants of "  Al-ays Ibn Ishaq Ibn Ibrahim ", peace be upon them.

The story from the beginning

Romulus and Remus
  • According to legend, Rome was founded on April 21, 753 BC . By the hands of the brothers Romulus and Remus, the brothers had a strange story where they were abandoned as children until they were doomed to death until a female wolf breastfed and cared for them until they founded the city of Rome, according to legend, there was a conflict between the two brothers where Romulus killed Remus and thus Romulus became the first king of Rome.

  • After Romulus, 6 kings ruled, the last of them Tarquinius Superbus, against whom the people revolted because of his tyranny and was expelled in 509 BC .After that, the monarchy collapsed.
  • The republican system was established in the Roman Empire, which was headed by two consuls who were elected and shared power with the Senate, which was also elected, and there was the position of dictator and was given to one of the consuls in time of wars and crises, and the position had almost absolute powers.
  • During the reign of the Roman Republic, the Punic Wars took place, which were three wars between Rome and Carthage that lasted between 264 BC.Ad-146 BC. During these wars, the Carthaginian commander Hannibal ( Hannibal ) tried to conquer Rome by climbing the towering Alps with armies and elephants and succeeded in entering the center of Roman territory and defeating the Romans in several battles, but he could not overthrow Rome and the wars ended with the victory of Rome and the destruction of Carthage and Rome became the mistress of the Mediterranean.
Julius Caesar
  •  In 49 BC, Julius Caesar assumed military leadership and declared himself the only permanent dictator, and this is what made the Senate conspire to kill him and they succeeded, then Antony and Octavius came to avenge the murder of Julius Caesar before the conflict between them intensified and they meet in the naval battle of Actium, And Octavius, who called himself "Augustus Caesar", triumphs, Antony and his ally, the Queen of Egypt, queen Cleopatra, commit suicide.
  • During the reign of Emperor Augustus, a great event took place, namely the birth of Christ, peace be upon him And the beginning of the spread of his vocation, and the result was always the persecution of Christians, and the peak of the persecution reached during the reign of the Emperor Nero and let us don't forget his uncle the Mad King Caligula.
Emperor Diocletian
  • During the third century AD, some crises occurred in the Roman Empire, including the increasing strength of the Persians and their entry into many conflicts with the Romans, and the Persians were able to grab some regions such as Armenia and Iraq, and then another problem occurred, which is the spread of the Cypriot plague, which led to the death of tens of thousands of Roman people and was one of the reasons for the decline of the empire.
  • Because of the expansion of the empire and its many problems, Emperor Diocletian thought of dividing the Roman Empire into two parts Each part is ruled by an emperor and an assistant and this system is called quaternary rule but it soon collapses.
Constantine the Great
  • There was a lot of chaos and conflict for rule, even if Constantine the Great came to power in 306 AD, who is one of the most important Roman emperors at all, transferred the capital in the east to the city of Byzantium, which was later known as Constantinople in honor of him, recognized Christianity as a religion of the empire and ended the persecution of Christians and and embrace the Christian religion to become the first Christian Roman emperor.
Emperor Theodosius
  • In 347 AD, Emperor Theodosius, who declared Christianity to be the only official religion of the Empire, took power, issued a decision to persecute pagans and people of ancient faiths, ordered the closure of ancient temples such as the ancient Egyptian and Greek temples, as well as banned the establishment of its rituals and the Olympic Games, in his reign, the final separation took place between the Eastern Roman Empire, which is known as Byzantine, with its capital Constantinople, and the Western Roman Empire, with its capital Rome, each became a separate independent entity even the language, the Byzantines abandoned Latin, the language of the Romans in the West, and relied on Greek as the official language, The separation was not only in language, but also in religious doctrines, the Church of Rome relied on the Catholic doctrine, while the Church of Constantinople on the orthodox doctrine.

  • During the fifth century AD, the Roman Empire began to weaken and collapse, and the Germanic tribes began to plunder the lands of the Empire, and the Germanic tribes gained the upper hand there, the Germanic tribes were a group of barbarian tribes, including the Franks, Goths, Vandals and Saxons, who would form the Western countries later known as France, England and Germany on the ruins of the Western Roman Empire, in 410 AD, some Germanic, called the Visigoths led by Alarc invaded the Western Roman lands until they reached Rome itself and plundered the city, The Western Roman empire effectively fell in 476 AD when the Germanic King Odoacer overthrew the throne of Emperor Romulus Augustulus to become the last Roman Emperor of the Western Roman Empire.
Emperor Justinian the great
  • The Eastern Roman Empire lasted for about a thousand years after the fall of the western empire and the Byzantines considered themselves Romans and continued to apply Roman laws and Customs where their neighbors were called the Rums.
  • Emperor Justinian the great is considered one of the greatest Byzantine emperors who tried to restore the glories of ancient Rome, compiled Roman law and is the founder of the famous Hagia Sophia church in Constantinople .
  • The Byzantine Empire fell in 1453 AD at the hands of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, and the Sultan changed the name of Constantinople to Islam Paul and was now converted to Istanbul and took it as the new capital of the Ottoman state, and so the Roman Empire fell in its eastern and western parts.


The Rum

  • The Rum : ( The Greek East ) are the owners of the Eastern Roman Empire, the Orthodox people of Byzantium, whose capital is Constantinople, and their location is the eastern part of the ancient Roman Empire after the division in 359, and led by Hercules in the era of the emergence of the Islamic religion.
  • It entered into wars against the Sassanid Persian Empire and controlled Egypt, the Levant, and then North Africa before the Muslims were able to conquer it, and the Romans resisted the Islamic conquest for hundreds of years until the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror conquered Constantinople, the last of their strongholds, and liberated it from Rum in 1453 .


The Romans

  • Romans : ( Latin West ) are the owners of the Western Roman Empire, they are Catholic and their capital is Rome, Italy, and their location is the western part of the ancient Roman Empire after the division in 395.

  • This western region fell under the blows of the North Germanic tribes, especially by the vandals and Visigoths who plundered Rome again and again, and with the deposing of the Roman Emperor Romulus Augustulus by the Germans in 476 AD, the Western Roman Empire was abolished and a new era began in the history of Europe : The Dark Ages.

In The End

the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror

  • - The Romans are Italians and their capital is Rome
  • - The Rum are Greeks and their capital is Byzantium (currently Istanbul )

  • - The Romans had their language was Latin
  • - The Rum had their own Greek language

  • - The Romans had a pagan religion
  • The Rum were also pagans at first, but later they converted to Christianity.

  • Add to that the Rum of the descendants of Sam Ibn Noah ( peace be upon him ) and the Romans of the descendants of Japheth Ibn Noah ( peace be upon him ).

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